Computer Aided Concierge Services
Concierge Services :

Our flagship product. Our services are high touch, personalized and highly effective designed to help your employees / tenants meet the many demands of life. We provide resilient solutions to help your employees / tenants manage effective work / life balances our comprehensive solutions provides the resources, tools and information needed to successfully balance your employees / tenants life while better connecting with colleague / co-tenants in job and at home. Our trained concierge experts are deputed to your office / apartments to manage the exhaustive" to do” lists of all your employees / tenants.


Reward Services

We help Organizations to increase employee productivity, improve employee satisfaction and drive engagement through reward accomplishments and behaviours that drive desired operational results..

Help Line Services

At SECURO we know how critical it is for you to have your customers treated well. We provide you an end-to-end business-to-business and business-to-consumer help line service with vastly different needs through proactive program management, talented, well-trained staff, leading edge technology and robust reporting which add value to your customer relationships. Our help line services exists to help you connect with and serve your customers with focus on your relationships and ROI / business drivers. We integrate your systems and corporate culture to provide seamless customer care that delivers results.

Who Benefits From Our Services

Home Makers : Their bill payment, planning their holidays, their monthly groceries, to a leaky faucet to be repaired or dinner reservations made, doctors appointment confirmed, tickets for the latest block buster in town, or those special flowers or gifts for a special occasion.…we will

Human Resources Administrators :
provides solutions through a single, consolidated window that are necessary to manage people within large global organizations or even small project based teams.
Employees :

provides a gamut of services that streamline their day-to-day work and help create a positive work/ life balance

SECURO Realty Report Card (Exclusively for Hi - end Apartment Facility) :
Each month a comprehensive survey with occupants / end-users will be conducted and effort produces a "repor t card" This identifies facilities-specific performance in following areas of
maximum importance to occupants / tenants :
provides a gamut of services that streamline their day-to-day work and help create a positive work/ life balance

Cleaning Services
Maintenance services
Support services
Hospital Management
Production Management
Gardening and landscaping
Computer Aided Concierge Services
Security management Services
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